A B C PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE OFFENSE  The A B C PROFESSIONALS TRIANGLE OFFENSE Including, ATTORNEY’S BANKER’S CPA’s are Relationships that Every Professional needs, wants and should be involved with. These Tri- Lateral Professional Relationships works in synergy to assist clients and build the sharing of Referrals. Once involved in a truly productive A B C PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE OFFENSE, you will most likely want to form other A B C TRIANGLE Relationships that will assist in being able to accomplish different goals and promote growth in other areas for your practice and your firm. Every Event Announcement that you will receive in the future, will have an attached RSVP – “Three Corner Profile” (TC PROFILE) Link. You will be able to RSVP for All Events by filling out this short but pinpoint interactive form on the AANGFL Web Site. We will then present you with ABC PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE Relationship Building Professionals that you will be introduced to upon attending the Event. The AANGFL will match you with whomever you have indicated as your Targeted Type Attorney, Banker or CPA that you would like to complete your A B C PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE OFFENSE in the Florida County / City where you want to grow. In this way, every Florida Professional will have a PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE BASE to start working with and grow from, the moment you walk through the door of the AANGFL Event. As we are sure that you are aware, the AANGFL has events throughout the State of Florida; one of the reasons for this is because numerous firms have offices and clients spread over different counties. One of the Marketing Tools that your A B C PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE OFFENSE can be used for is promoting growth in those counties / cities where you would like to create a larger client base and a more solid PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE Relationship. We look forward to presenting this A B C PROFESSIONAL TRIANGLE OFFENSE concept so that it will promote a seamless, collaborative working relationship in this most effective manner, so that the entire Florida Professional Community in all 67 Counties will thrive and prosper.   PROFESSIONAL DEFINATIONS: A - ATTORNEY – (State Bar Association Member) – (Voluntary Bar Association Member) B - BANKER – (Senior Banking Executive) - (Financial Professional / Consultant) C - C P A - (Certified Public Accountant) - (Certified Public Book Keeper)